Payment Of Fees


On the day of admission, learners are expected to pay all fees or more than half of the total amount on arrangement. The remaining balance is expected to be paid within a month after admission

Continuing student are to pay all or half of the fees on the day of resumption. The rest is payable on or before the mid-term break


Feeding fee is compulsory at Young Executive School Ltd. This deters pupils from buying food from unknown sources. Feeding is payable monthly, weekly or termly depending on the financial strength of the parents. 

Special Diet

Learners on special diet are to come with Medical report for verification and confrimation at the school's administration. If verified, the learner will be given the green light to come with his / her food.

Transportation (Shuttle Services)

The School has eleven(11) vehicles which shuttle through the various communities within and outside Kasoa. 
The buses run in these communities; Opeikuma, Liberia Camp, Breku, Walantu and Roman, Millennium City and Nyanyano, Gallelia, Akweley and Ofaakor.

Transportation fees can be paid on weekly, monthly or termly basis