Academics Department of Young Executive School (YES)

Academics Department of Young Executive School (YES)

Our core objective as a school is to guide pupils in identifying and achieving their dreams and aspirations. Young Executive School employs a child-centred approach in its delivery of academic work.

Curriculum run by YES

Young Executive School runs the curriculum of the Ghana Education Service (GES) in an improved way. YES seeks to make lessons very practical and raise the future generations with academic excellence, discipline and self-motivation.

Highly qualified and experienced facilitators guide the learners in learning.


English is the main medium of communication even though French language and the local indigenous language called Fante is thought as 2nd and 3rd languages. They are all examinable by West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) and are used in grading students.

Various Academic Departments of YES

As one of its efforts to effectively monitor teaching and learning activities, Young Executive School has divided the academic functions into two departments namely

● Preschool and Lower Primary Department

● Upper Primary and JHS Department.

This is done to ensure smooth and easy supervision of the academic performance of the pupils. Each department is headed by an academic officer.

Preschool and Lower Primary Department

This department has its own academic officer and it admits pupils from Crèche – Primary 3. Our dedicated and selfless teachers assist pupils to develop their social and emotional skills and learn how to get along with other children, to share, and to contribute.

The department provides an enabling environment where pupils can find answers through exploration, experimentation and conversations. The core objective of this department is to enhance the reading skills of pupils, enrich their vocabularies and strengthen their basic mathematical skills.

Upper Primary and JHS Department

The upper primary and JHS department has its own academic officer who supervises teaching and learning including the performance of class exercises and homework assigned to the students. The core value of the department is to enhance critical thinking, good reasoning skills and prepare students for any external examination. The highly motivated teachers in the department employ a high level of pedagogical skills in the instruction.

Examination run by YES

Examination run in the school can be grouped into two i.e. internal and external.

Internal Examination

YES runs three (3) periodic examinations within the term i.e. aptitude test, midterm test, and end of term examination.

  • Aptitude Test – This is organized a month after reopening to assess pupils based on what they have been taught within that period.
  • Mid-Term Exams – The mid-term exams is organized prior to the midterm break to assess pupils on what they have studied for the first half of the term.
  • End of Term Exams – It is organized at the end of the term to assess pupils on what they’ve studied within the entire term.

NB: Classwork and homework assignment are regularly given to assess students. The scores accrued from the class exercises and assignments are used in grading the students in the end-of-term exams. read more on homework policy.

External Examination

Young Executive School writes the annual Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) organized by WAEC. The school has excellent boarding facilities for both boys and girls and normally expects the form three (3) final year students to be housed in preparation for the BECE.


Young Executive School first wrote the annual Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in 2015 and since then, YES has distinguished itself as the best basic school within the Awutu Senya East Municipality. The Educational Directorate has on countless times ranked Young Executive as the best basic school in the municipality.



Statistics  2015  2016  2017  2018  2019
No of the student presented 25  37  60  57  90
No of at least aggregate 06 24 32 56 44 87
No of at least aggregate 07 1 3 3 6 3
No of aggregate 08   2 1 6  
No of aggregate 09       1  




YES has never encountered any single problem or challenge in terms of Senior High School Placements since 2015 when the first batch of Candidates wrote the BECE.

The least grade ever recorded by the School is the aggregate grade of 09 enabling the students to obtain their first-choice School.

Interestingly, the Management of the School has been regularly following the performance of the students who enter various SHS to monitor their progress.

We are happy to announce that our students are performing exceptionally well and most of them obtain admission into prestigious Universities in Ghana and Outside Ghana, some on notable scholarship for exceptional knowledge.

Very Soon YES will produce a lot of Doctors with the best manpower skill for the country.

We instill in the students the best method of learning, relationship building, love, courage, perseverance, and fear of God that mold people to achieve high in their various fields of endeavors. Hence our enviable achievements.

Click here ..... to view the grades and the School Placements.


Over the years, YES has won several awards in academics, sports, and quizzes.

The award-winning spirit started in 2013 when YES received the ‘’The Fastest Growing School in Ghana Award’’ given by the New Ghanaian Magazine.

Currently, 2019/2020 academic year, the school has bagged two prestigious awards i.e. Best Private Sector Educational Service Provider award and Ghana Private Schools Distinct Heroes Award.

Again, at the 63rd Independence Day celebration (06/03/2020) YES was declared the Best Performing School for the march-past and was presented with a beautiful award by the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Kasoa Municipality.


In 2019 alone, YES won five (5) categories of awards. The following are the awards won by the School:-

2020 ● 1st Position in Basic School Division on 63rd Independence Day Parade given by GES- Awutu Senya East Municipal Assembly - Kasoa.

2019 ● Distinct Heroes Award given by WAI Magazine on Dec. 2019 at Holiday Inn Hotel, Accra

2019 ● Best Private Sector Educational Service Award given by United Clergy International Association (UCIA) on 27th Sep. 2019

2019 ● 1st Position on 62nd IndependenceDay Parade in Junior High School Category given by Awutu Senya East Municipal Assembly

2018 ● Award for placing 1st in 2018 Inter- schools Olympic Games

2016 ● Academic Excellence Award given West Africa International Press Ltd on the 16th of Feb. 2017 at Chartered Institute of Bankers Auditorium, East Legon, Accra

2016 ● 2nd Best in 59th Independence Day Parade given by GES-Awutu Senya East Municipal Assembly-Kasoa.

2015 ● Most Enterprising Private School of the Year 2015 given by West Africa International Magazine at Akosombo Hotel on 28th Jan. 2016

2014 ● 2nd placed Certificate of Honour in the Maiden Education of “ THE NUTRITION FOR HEALTH” inter-schools Competition.

2013 ● Fastest-Growing School of the Year 2013 given by The New Ghanaian Magazine on 5th Feb. 2014


For five (5) consecutive years (2015 - 2019) YES has been declared by GES at the various independent day celebrations as THE BEST SCHOOL IN AWUTU SENYA MUNICIPAL AUTHORITY ie Kasoa Municipality in terms of:-

• Excellent Academic Performance for that year and

• infrastructure developments with

• quality educational services delivery

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For four (4) years, students from YES have been declared by the Ghana Education Service as the Best Students in Awutu Senya East Municipality for 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

2019 ■ Presidential Award for Best Female Students for 2019 BECE given by Ghana Education Service (GES) assisted by Kasoa Municipality

2018 ■ Presidential Award for Best Male Student for 2018 BECE given by GES assisted by Awutu Senya East Municipal Assembly Kasoa

2017 ■ Presidential Award for Best Male Student for 2017 BECE given by GES assisted by Awutu Senya East Municipal Assembly- Kasoa

2015 ■ Presidential Award for Best Female Student for 2015 BECE given by GES assisted by Awutu Senya East Municipal Assembly - Kasoa


The director of YES (Mr. Francis Essel-Okyeahene) has also received several international and local awards among them are:-

In 2019, ■ he was presented ‘’African Merit Award’’ for his meritorious service to humanity and the citizens of Africa.

2019 ■ Noble Essel-Okyeahene was presented with the Grand Patron of Private School award in Accra Holiday Inn Hotel by West Africa International Magazine.

In June 2017, ■ Noble Francis Essel-Okyeahene received ‘’International Knowledge Leadership Gold Award for a Distinguished Excellence in Service to Humanity by ................. (Read more from daily graphic page.....of ... presented by CIDA Lagos-Nigeria.

Furthermore, Mr Essel Okyeahene was awarded by the Chartered Institute of Taxation for his meritorious Service and Leadership skill in .......
In 2015 ■ Mr Essel Okyeahene received Noble International Award; for being an Eminent West African who upholds the virtues of Honesty, Integrity and Accountability and was admitted into the West Africa Noble Forum as a member of a group of eminent West Africans on 30th June 2016

Why You Should Enroll Your Child In Young Executive School?

1. Classroom Setting

  • Well-Tiled Classroom: All the classrooms are well tiled and free from dust and dirt creating a serene atmosphere for teaching and learning.
  • Spacious Classrooms: The classrooms in YES are very spacious and well ventilated. This makes it easier for teachers to move through and do a proper check on assignments etc.
  • Television set/Projector: All the lower classes have television sets that serve as Teaching and Learning facilities (used to complement teaching and learning). For the upper classes, teachers sometimes use projectors to assist in teaching and learning.
  • Internet Connectivity: YES has an internet facility that helps students to carry out their research work.
  • Security: CCTV cameras have been installed in all corners of the school. To beef up its security, YES has outsourced the services of a private security firm to provide 24 hours security services.
  • Smaller class size of 20 students for pre-school with a teacher and an attendant teacher who supports in caring for the kids.
  • For the lower primary and upper primary up to class five, the highest class size is 25 students. The lower primary has a teacher and a teaching assistant.
  • From primary class six up to JHS three, the classes are managed by subject by subject specialized teachers. Class sizes are normally up to thirty students.

2. Care Taking By Staff

  • At YES, the welfare of our learners is our utmost priority. Teachers are always available to provide extra care for the students.
  • YES, pre-school, for instance, has two teachers manning every class i.e. substantive teacher and a teaching assistant assigned to provide proper care for the children.
  • The School's dedicated and selfless staff are ready to provide excellent services to the kids.

3. Supervision and Monitoring

Professional teachers have been assigned to the various departments in the school to conduct monitoring and supervision of teacher’s performance and the children's involvement in teaching and learning.

4. Integration of Extracurricular Activities and Sporting Events

Enough time is provided for the children to play using the tools and watching educative but entertaining programs. Very interactive programs are made available to the children which makes them feel more homely at school than at their actual home. Sporting activities are carried out within a specified time frame as a way of entertainment and talent development.

5. Canteen Services

To enhance the learning potentials of our cherished learners, YES provides quality food for the children. The catering staff is well trained from the polytechnic and other catering institutions.

6. Sanitation

Cleanliness, they say is next to Godliness. A clean environment obviously enhances learning. When it comes to cleanliness, Young Executive School is second to none.

There are enough washrooms that are specially designed for the kids at all levels. YES has also employed the services of cleaners who regularly ensure that the entire environment is clean and safe.

7. Professional Teachers (staff) handling your kids

The students are handled by highly qualified and disciplined teachers. At YES, we only employ University graduates with the least qualification been diploma in the relevant field. We do not employ Senior High School (SHS) graduates. Teachers are trained to monitor and control the movement of the children and their studies.

In-Service training is regularly organized to help upgrade the knowledge of teachers. YES encourages and also provides opportunities for teachers to further their education by providing financial support.

To teach at YES is a very great privilege and honour because the school only employs staff with the relevant Diploma and Degree certificates in the various fields. The staff strength is eighty-five (85) made up of teaching and non-teaching staff.


Homework And Class Exercise Policy of YES

Homework is intended to be beneficial for learners by extending the learning achieved within school time, laying the foundation for future self-supported home study, and promoting the home/school partnership.

Duties/Responsibilities of Parents on the Homework Policy

  • Parents are encouraged to take a key interest in the child's home works rather than just insisting that they are done because some tasks may require the parent’s participation. Although parents are supposed to participate in a child’s homework, it doesn’t mean they (parents) should do it for them (children). A parent should rather assist them in understanding the work.
  • Parents must provide a suitable place for learners to do their homework and avoid soiling their learning materials with oil, water, etc.
  • Parents should go through the home works to ensure it is done and append their signature thereof.
  • Parents must ensure all home works given are done, signed and all placed in their ward’s school bag before the next day.

Duties of Teachers

  • Teachers should provide a guide to each homework given. This will help both parents and learners to properly understand the work and know the right approach to use.
  • Home works given should be based on topics taught within the day or week
  • Teachers should mark, record, and go through every homework with pupils and make sure corrections are made and marked before a new one is given.
  • Teachers should have a checklist to identify those who do not do their homework. This checklist will also serve as a record