Director's Welcome Message

Director's Welcome Message

Young Executive School is proud to provide an educational environment which inspires all of us, students and adults alike. When you step onto our campus, you know you are somewhere special: a spirit of learning, community, fun and energy permeates the air.

Our goal is to create extraordinary educational experiences for all our students, providing opportunities for them to explore their gifts and talents. Our curriculum, lessons and environment reflect this. Surrounded by trees, lessons often take place outside making the most of the beautiful weather and surroundings, as well as in specialist classrooms.

Young Executive students receive an academically rigorous international education, with experiential learning at the heart. Learning through reflection on doing, helps students to more easily absorb and understand information, and we support this through educational excursions, interactive lessons and through the creative use of technology. Students are encouraged to think independently and critically, embracing opportunities to be the best they can be and taking personal responsibility for creating a more peaceful, inclusive, and sustainable world.

I am extremely proud to be part of our learning community, and invite you to explore our website to learn more about our school


Mr. Francis Essel Okyeahene
Director / CEO