Young Executive School

"Education Today, Leader Tomorrow"

Young Executive School Limited (YES) was established and incorporated in Ghana in 2010, as a private limited liability basic school.

The main idea behind the establishment of Young Executive School is to provide quality but affordable basic education in Kasoa, Ghana, and the world at large.

At Young Executive School, the academic welfare of the learners is our topmost priority. Young Executive School provides an enabling environment where pupils can find answers through exploration, experimentation, and conversations.

Young Executive School strongly encourages the full integration of multi-cultural students into its academic and social life. It provides study opportunities of the highest quality which enable learners to fit well in the society.

YES also offers a supportive environment to meet the wider interests of students. Studying at YES is a stepping stone to successful global world leadership. The central aim of our academic and administrative staff is to ensure that students reach their academic potential.

We provide an ideal, secure, and nurturing environment for developing students' personal and practical life.

YES, operates with the motto ‘’Education today, Leader tomorrow’’ and upholds virtues of discipline, respect, perseverance, and kindness in a safe and caring environment.

Student Enrollment

Young Executive School was established on September 8, 2010, by Noble Francis Essel-Okyeahene with 18 pupils from crèche to primary five and five members of staff. By the end of the first term of the 2010/2011 academic year, the enrolment increased to 85. At the end of the entire academic year, YES had a total enrolment of 135 with 7 members of staff.

Currently (2019/2020 academic year), the school's enrolment is over one thousand (1,000) students with eighty-five (85) teaching and non-teaching staff.

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The School runs the Ghana Education Service (GES) curriculum only and writes the annual Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) organized by the West African Examination Council (WAEC). Since its establishment, the worst grade ever recorded in the BECE is aggregate 09 from six subjects.

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SHS Placements

Our students have been performing creditably well at the top-most Senior High School (SHS) in Ghana. Our students always enter the most prestigious SHS. The School has never had any challenge in the SHS placements system and always students get their first (1st) choice school.

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The Vision of YES is to be a World Best Basic School that prepares pupils for tomorrow's leadership through academic excellence and human values including discipline, respect, perseverance, and kindness in a safe and caring environment that enables students to cope with the ever-changing world.

To achieve its vision statement, Young Executive School imparts learning experiences that provide opportunities for learners to develop their thinking and creative skills, promote an environment of sharing, caring, humor, questioning, risk-taking, and cognitive growth.

YES encourages learners to value education as a process of broadening one’s mind to ensure critical thinking, creativity, and mastering of academic skills as primary tools

YES is a growing, dynamic, and progressive family institution in which learners are assured of respect and privacy. It is an honor of YES to welcome you as a member of this wonderful family.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

  1. Provide learning experiences that will allow pupils an equal opportunity to develop their thinking and creative skills.
  2. Enhance an environment of sharing, caring, laughing, questioning, risking, and growing.
  3. Encourage students to value education as a process of opening one's mind to critical thought and creative activity and recognize mastery of academic skills as a primary tool
  4. Promote Social, Cultural, Moral, and Spiritual development to prepare pupils to be responsible citizens.
  5. Give every child the opportunity to have the right to quality basic education.
  6. Provide excellent infrastructure development and technological architecture that facilitate teaching and learning.
  7. Recruit knowledgeable and professional staff who are always ready to work as a team with a single objective of achieving a successful vision
  8. Encourage a team building approach among all stakeholders in all duty performances.

Core Values

Core Values

  • 1) Pupil centredness
  • 2) Professionalism
  • 3) Teamwork
  • 4) Innovation
  • 5) Discipline and Integrity


School Colors

The colour of the school is made up of three (3) unique colours namely; green, white and wine. The colour of the building, buses and most of the facilities are green.

Green indicates a beautiful garden with healthy ventilation. At the traffic light, green light indicates a clearer road for movement of vehicles and human. YES will forever grow to be a World Class Basic School with the green flag leading it.

The white colour signifies victory. Success in all endeavours has been the hallmark of YES over the years with a very clear white heart. Pouring of white powder over all our students from 2015 in all the celebrations and competitions have been phenomenal. We always celebrate success and enjoy victory with white handkerchief and sprinkling of white powder.

At YES, we believe in God the Father Almighty, the creator of heaven and earth. We encourage all kinds of worship and promotes the will of God and the words of God (Allah) in all our undertakings hence the colour wine. Wine signifies the purification of soul, blood and heart with the word of God providing the directions.


School Crest

The school crest has four symbols with the green colour engulfing around it. The meaning of the symbols are as follows:

  • a. The Holy Book: The Holy Book contains the written doctrines of various denominations with black and white colours. You open from the wine edge and you see the victorious white colour. The holy book represent the word of God.
  • b. A graduating Candidates: A successful graduate displaying his/her achievement with the gown. An achieving candidates in a joyful mood.
  • c. A flying Gown: Anyone who passes through the YES curriculum will obviously take home a beautiful gown: The candidates will surely wear the crown.
  • d. The Burning Torch: An unquenchable fire leading the people to victory, providing the light in darkness and making the journey easily passable for our students


Young Executive School’s motto, Education Today, Leader Tomorrow is a very unique and progressive motto.

We are greeted as; Education Today, and the response is, Leader Tomorrow. All leaders in any field of endeavor have education as their base.

The Holy Bible emphasizes the need for education in the book of Hosea 4:6. According to the Book of Hosea, God’s people are destroyed because they lack knowledge.

Prophet Mohammed also once said “Whoever follows a path to seek the knowledge therein, God, will make easy for him a path to paradise”.

Education is not only the right, but the duty of every Muslim; male or female. The best gift from a father to his child is education and proper upbringing.

Education is the bed-rock of all human activities hence Education Today, Leader Tomorrow. With education comes progress, success and tolerance. Without education, we get stuck in our current problems.

Famous Quotes About Education

  • Education is the passport to the future
  • Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today
  • Your attitude not your aptitude will determine your altitude
  • If you think education is expensive, try ignorance

At YES, we talk about Quality Education hence our performance over the years.

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The school fees is very moderate and affordable. We have very flexible terms of payment. The fees for tuition, feeding and bus can be assessed at the admission portal.

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Day & Boarding Services and Catten Services & Teacher's Quarters

Day & Boarding Services and Catten Services & Teacher's Quarters

Day & Boarding Services and Catten Services & Teacher's Quarters

YES has excellent ultramodern dormitories for both boys and girls and also has staff accommodation near the School which enhances teaching, learning, and child care provision. Buses are available for the day students.

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Parents are encouraged to enroll their wards at the boarding house which has many advantages over the day school.

Security of the pupils at the boarding house is highly assured. Enjoy the best catering services and our hospitality services.

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The school has achieved a lot since its establishment in 2010. For over five consecutive years, YES has been declared by Ghana Education Service and the general public, including credible awards giving organizations / institutions as the Best Basic School in Kasoa Municipality and Ghana as a whole since 2015.

In 2019, the school won as many as five different awards including Best Private School Educational Service Awards, Hero of Distinction award. Every year, the School receives the best BECE candidate award.

With respect to sporting and Extracurricular activities the results have been most outstanding. Always the School takes the first position and it has become evidently clear at various independent day parades where the School receives serveral awards. These has been annual affair since 2013.

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Sporting and Extracurricular Activities

A student playing the Talking Drum

A student playing the Talking Drum

Music and cultural training has become integral part of the school extracurricular activities and is a delight to watch talented skills of the students and instructors.

Students are trained on the use of talking drums and other traditional musical instruments. A well equipped regimental brigade band with western and local music performances by the school's brass band group always offer the students an enjoyable leisure and entertainment. Kindly visit the photo gallery or School's Facebook book to watch exacting display of rich Ghanaian culture.

Students having aerobic exercise.

Students having aerobic exercise.

Our spokesman and woman are always at work training students on indoor games and other sporting activities including football, basketball, table tennis and volleyball.

The Director of the school, Noble Francis Essel Okyeahene, has also received so many International and local awards for his effective leadership and his service to humanity. He received Noble International award in 2015 for being an Eminent West African who up-holds the virtue of Integrity, Honesty and Accountability; Effective leadership award in 2017, African Hero award in 2018, Grand Patron of Private School award 2019 and many more.

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Learning Environment and Security.

YES has a conducive learning environment with an effective security system that includes a well-fenced wall with security wires all over. CCTV cameras have also been installed in all corners of the School and are manned by trained and much-disciplined security service providers.

Location and Direction

We are located at Kasoa in the Central Region of Ghana (West Africa) off the road-side from Kasoa to Opeikuma on Cape Coast Main Road (2nd traffic light) from Kasoa.

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